About me

I am an astrophysicist from CNRS working at the Institut de Planétologie et d’Astrophysique de Grenoble (IPAG) in France where I have a webpage describing  succinctly my present and past scientific activities.

You can also find all my publications, and in particularly those related to astrocladistics, from this same webpage.

You can also follow me and discuss on my Loop profile. And encourage you to submit your papers to Frontiersin journals, especially the Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Science, Milky Way and Galaxies for which I an Associate Editor.

I began to work on cladistics for astrophysics in 2001, interested by galaxies, evolution, classification. I discovered cladistics by chance, while reading a short newspaper article on a french book devoted to the classification of living organisms.

Being curious, I love understanding other concepts, other disciplines. Interdisciplinarity suits me so well, maybe was that one of the reasons I engaged myself in astrophysics quite a long time ago. However, it was probably not enough for me. Astrocladistics gave me the marvelous opportunity to meet colleagues from so many different disciplines and from all around the world! And it is just the beginning of a fantastic human and scientific adventure.

  1. #1 by fabrice on August 27, 2012 - 18:31


    désolé de poster en français mais je ne suis pas suffisamment à mon aise en anglais.

    J’ai lu un article sur votre classification des galaxies dans le science et vie de juillet et j’applaudis votre découverte des deux mains. J’avais participé à un programme de classification des galaxies, galaxyzoo pour le citer, il y a quelques années et je me suis vite retrouvé confronté à des images sans aucun sens par rapport au systeme traditionnel, si vous me permettez de le décrire ainsi. Au contraire, j’ai trouvé votre classification particulièrement fine et juste pour venir jusqu’ici vous féliciter et vous encourager.


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