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Astrocladistics is still alive!

I was delighted to see a new paper deposited this November 2020 into ArXiv: A phylogenetic analysis of galaxies in the Coma Cluster and the field: a new approach to galaxy evolution by Martinez-Marin et al. This paper uses the NJ algorithm to perform a chemical tagging analysis of a few hundreds of galaxies within […]

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Stellar Evolutionary Tracks

Unsupervised classification looks for patterns in the data set, patterns that can be associated with “classes”. There are basically two kinds of patterns: clumps and tracks. Clumps exist because of similarity between objects, and tracks are formed by relationships. Most of the diversity in the Universe is due to evolution. Astronomical objects, such as stars, […]

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From the Realm of the Nebulae to the Society of Galaxies. Dialogues on a Century of Research

This is the title of a new fantastic book that is quite timely: From the Realm of the Nebulae to the Society of Galaxies Dialogues on a Century of Research D’Onofrio, M.; Rampazzo, R. & Zaggia, S. (Eds.) Astrophysics and Space Science Library, Vol 45 Springer International Publishing, 2016. In order to outline possible […]

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